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Sound Capital

Robb is a seasoned 30-year veteran of banking. His depth and breadth of experience spans virtually every facet of real estate finance. Yet, what makes Robb an amazing business partner isn’t his banking expertise, it’s his heart and passion for people. He’s always asking, “Is it right for our client?” That’s what drives him, doing what’s right for our clients.

Professionally, what’s most impressive about Robb is his ability to look at the most complex lending situations and find creative solutions that literally no one else is seeing. If you were to sum up Robb’s greatest “Superpower,” it’s solving the most difficult lending situations, while serving our clients, investors, and our capital partners with complete integrity.

He cares deeply for the people in his life, including his clients, most who have become life-long friends. It’s a core belief of Robb’s that there’s always an honest, straight-forward solution to even the most challenging lending situations, but people come first.

Experience-wise, his resume is a mile long, graduating from the U.S. Navy Aviation Officers Candidate School, serving 9 years in the U.S. Navy Reserve, earning his degree in finance, excelling in positions with Seattle Mortgage, Countrywide, Bank of America, and now as a partner with Sound Capital.

He's also a sought-after industry speaker and trainer, serving in positions for the Certified Mortgage Banker’s Society, the Seattle Master Builders Association, and as President of the Seattle Mortgage Bankers Association.

In his off time, you’ll find Robb either racing around the desert in his off-road Can-Am race car, or at home entertaining friends and family, enjoying a nice bottle of wine from his extensive wine collection.

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